a project i need to finish ASAP and im stuck on how to do it I really need help with it if someone could help it would be great

Step 1: Installation and configuration of the 3 Windows Server 2016 systems All servers must be members of the group AUTOMOBILEFIRMSOFTWARE. Step 2: Installation an configuration of DHCP services The DHCP service must be configured on the JAP server; it will supply the IP addresses to FRA. JAP must be configured with a static IP address and FRA must always receive the same IP address upon startup . Step 3: Configuration of the static IP routing Each server must communicate with the others. Since some servers or are different subnets you must configure static IP routing to facilitate communications. The JAP server can be used for IP routing (dynamic routing protocols must not be used). Note: Static routes can be configured using the command line utility ROUTE.EXE or the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) console. It is much easier to create static routes using a GUI utility than with the command line utility. Step 4: Installation and configuration of DNS services The DNS services must be installed and configured on CAN; and they must service all the other servers. The DNS domain name «AUTOMOBILEFIRMSoftware.com » must be created. The host name resolution functions from an IP address and host name are required. Step 5: Installation and configuration of VPNs In order to ensure that the connections between the 3 sites are secure, you must implement site-to-site VPNs for the two connections: CAN to JAP and JAP to FRA. Step 6: Implementing DFS Shared folders must be created and configured on all 3 servers. These folders will contain sales specification files and data for all sites. The users must be authenticated before accessing the folders. They must not have modification rights in the folder. To enhance the availability of this information, reduce the amount of traffic on the site- to-site connections and provide redundancy, the shares must be linked together with the Distributed Files System (DFS)


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