a PROFESSIONAL organization such as the National Council on Family Relations, American Association of Family and Consumer Science, the National Association for the Education of Young Children or any other organization that would benefit someone working in the field of children and families. Research the organization and provide the information outlined below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please include the title of your organization in the title of your post. An organization may be reviewed only ONCE. You may not review an organization that has already been reviewed, an organization may only be reviewed once. You are encouraged to post early so that you can review the organization of your choice.

In two-three paragraphs: Explain the mission and purpose of the organization. Are there specific ethical positions stated? If so, how would those impact your working in the field? Is there a cost associated with the organizations?Do they offer professional development opportunities? Is it a research organization? How is that shown? Why would being a member of that particular organization be valuable to you in your career? Include a link to the organization at the end of your post so that others may view the resource if desired.


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