a magic crystal ball. Here are the possible outcomes: • It is certain • It is decidedly so • Yes • Reply hazy try again • Ask again later • Concentrate and ask again • My reply is no • Outlook not so good • Very doubtful Magic Crystal Ball − Make

MAGIC CRYSTAL BALL spnova-new-dynamic-txtMake a magic crystal ball. Here are the possible outcomes: spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtIt is certain spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtIt is decidedly so spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtYes spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtReply hazy try again spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtAsk again later spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtConcentrate and ask again spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtMy reply is no spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtOutlook not so good spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtVery doubtful spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtPROGRAM REQUIREMENTS spnova-new-dynamic-txtMake a list of strings. Each outcome should be an item on the list. spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtYour program first outputs all outcomes to the users. spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtThen prompt the user to press any key to clear the screen. spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtSet up a loop to: spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtRandomly generate an integer from 0 to the number of list items – 1 spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtUse the random integer as the index to find the random “magic ball answer” spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtPrompt the users to press any key to clear the screen and reveal the “magic ball answer” spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtPrompt for another answer or end the program spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txt


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