a local business interested in promoting Staycation as an option. Research and create a website that promotes the concept of Staycation in your local community. Focus on its benefits on the local economy, the environment, and quality time. Students may create a ‘Staycation’ website for their hometown and the language of the website could be local as long as the language is available to be translated by Google Translate1 .

HI, I am required to do an assignment with a scenario involving the design, implementation and testing of a working website to meet the specified requirements, plus documentation of the design implementation and testing. I want the website to be staycation in Devon UK. the website would have to consists of 5 webpages, and the colour i want it to be will be orange and white. and all code that is used should be a comments on what the code does. the code used, should be put in a different documents to the webpages i have upload a file below with an example of what the webpage should look like. if you need more information please email me thanks


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