a lab report for chemistry on kinetics and rate laws. What is the rate law for decolonization of crystal violet?

Once you have completed your research, you will need to prepare an investigation report that consists of three sections. This report may require more than 2 pages with data tables. This report must be typed and any diagrams, figures, or tables should be embedded into the document. Section 1: What concept were you investigating, and how does it relate to the guiding question? How fast does crystal violet decolorize? Describe how kinetics concepts will allow determination of rate law using graphical analysis of integrated rate laws. Section 2: How did you go about your work and why did you conduct your investigation in this way? Specifically, what technique is used to monitor the reaction and how is the Beer-Lambert calibration curve used? Section 3: What is your argument? Your report should include the linear regression equation from the Beer-Lambert calibration curve along with the correlation coefficient; one sample calculation of how concentration at a selected time was determined; a data table with selected time and concentration values; the results from integrated rate law graphical analysis to determine order; how the actual value of the rate constant, k, was determined; and the complete rate law with the actual value of k included in the rate law with the correct units. This third section is where you not only present your data, but use the values you obtain as evidence in your reasoning. Statements like, “see data table for values” are not acceptable!


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