a CRIMINAL JUSTICE topic. The TOPIC is about inmate misconduct. I need a 6-page paper with 3 or more references

Students are required to complete two reflection papers. These papers will represent students’ observations of their readings, a critical evaluation of the topic, and thoughts on how best to address the problems/issues inherent in their topic. Students must utilize a minimum of three outside sources to inform their paper. These sources must be peer-reviewed publications or governmental reports. These papers must be a minimum of 6 pages in length (does not include references), maximum 12-point font, 1-inch margins, include your name, and utilize proper APA citation format. Students should organize their papers as follows: Identify the topic and provide an overview of the issue, its relationship to corrections, and how this topic is currently handled/addressed in corrections policy/practice (you may provide ‘real time’ examples from correctional jurisdictions) (approximately 2- pages) Provide a critical evaluation of this topic including information that supports and/or disputes current policy and practice (approximately 2-pages) Provide thoughts on how best to improve/address the problems/issues inherent in the topic, including providing an example of ‘best practices’ (if they exist) (approximately 2 pages)


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