A Better Life (2011) Directed by Chris Weirz Write your own personal review after watching the film and answer all questions below.

1. Examine the relationship between the father and the son. 2. What struggles and hardship is father go through? 3. What struggles and hardships is son go through? 4. The Mexican culture is portrayed how in the film? 5. How does the father view his culture and people who are in America working and living in poor conditions? 6. How does the son view his Mexican culture and the people in gangs? 7. The songs in the movie show what about the culture? (even if you don’t speak Spanish you can still figure it out by the setting mood and nonverbal communication) Must be typed 3-4 pages in length double-spaced title page is optional however it is not part of 3-4 pages required try to not to go over 5 pages.


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