800 words on Stakeholders -Customers/participants -Labour -Other fashion brands -Activist -Governments (different countries) -People who do not participate in social media platforms -Future generations – I:CO – they collect boxes, and sort the contains into three categories into Rewear, reuse, and recycle – Collaborating with organizations: 1)WWF Climate savers- a climate leadership programme that seeks to transform businesses into leaders of the low carbon economy 2)UNFCCC Fashion Charter for Climate Actions- we are a signatory and on the steering group which is urging the fashion industry to tackle the climate crisis

a list of all the people and organizations whose actions or opinions are relevant to the case study (focus on roles/types of people rather than specific individuals). Include people directly involved (e.g., designers, experts, activists, and participants) as well as those ignored or excluded (e.g., political opponents, demographic groups, people who are apathetic about the issues, people who do not participate in the social media platforms, future generations, etc.). For each type of stakeholder, identify their perspective and their interests towards the app? What values do they hold? How would they view the issues addressed in your selected case study? What influence do they have on success? Also, think about what success means to stakeholders.


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