5 short answer (1-2 substantial paragraphs) and 1 Essay (about 5 paragraphs) The Exam covers Chapters 1-8 int the textbook by Alan Brinkley, “The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People,” Volume 1, 9th edition. $15 is what I can afford right now, but if work is done really when I will see if I can add a bonus to payment.

Content/Expectations The exam will cover all the work you’ve done so far in the course – Chapters 1-8 in the textbook and the lecture videos corresponding to those chapters. The main goal of your work on the exam is to demonstrate your understanding of these course materials. That means that outside sources are going to have very limited applicability. I’m looking for you to show that read, listened, and understood the content provided to you in the course. Your ability to Google is not an effective demonstration that you understand the history you’re being asked about. That said, the use of outside sources is permitted in order to supplement the materials from the course. If you feel a prompt would benefit from some information that is not covered in the course that is the only time you should consider turning to outside sources. They also absolutely need to be properly cited. The use of an outside source without proper citation will be considered plagiarism and a violation of UH’s academic honesty policy. The exam will be centered around the major themes, topics, and key terms covered in the lecture videos. Your textbook reading will be very useful to filling in gaps and helping you to understand how everything ‘fits together’. You do not need to cite information from the textbook of lecture videos, unless it is a direct quote. The exam consists of two sections: 1) Short Responses; 2) An Essay. Your short responses should be a minimum of a lengthy paragraph, but most will require more to properly address. They must not only demonstrate an understanding of the concept asked about in the question or prompt, but also the larger, relevant historical context. The essay needs to be, at a very minimum, three paragraphs but an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade will require more, in order to address the question adequately (see the further instructions in the exam). Address each question to the best of your ability. Your responses should be rooted in the textbook reading and video lectures. The criteria is to address the prompts directly and demonstrate an understanding of the course materials. The level to which you accomplish these two things will be the primary basis for your grade. Any use of outside sources should be supplementary only and requires proper citations (any professional format is fine, as long as it is consistent, i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago). Any exam containing information from an outside source that is not properly cited will receive a zero and the student will be placed into the university’s academic honesty protocol.


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