– 3 seperate discussions 123

Q1 W1: What is Risk? Discussion Questions: In your own words, define risk. How does your definition align with the term in security management? What are some of the fundamentals in risk management? Also, what are the appropriate framework(s) and legislative acts that define risks in security risk management? How does the Department of Homeland Security assist policymakers and leaders to understand the purpose of risk management? NOTE: 500 words APA 6th edition format 2 Reference and 2 citation No Plagiarism Q2 W2: America’s Critical Infrastructures Discussion Questions: Identify the nation’s 16 critical infrastructures. Choose one infrastructure, discuss what agency is responsible, and why it was identified as the lead agency responsible for that particular CI. Also, include what government agency you feel should be included in the responsibilities of maintaining and preserving the CI, and why. Finally, discuss companies within the private and public sector and its responsibility and role(s) in working with government agency for the CI chosen. NOTE: 500 words APA 6th edition format 3 Reference and citation No Plagiarism Q3 W3: Are Acceptable Risks…Acceptable? Discussion Questions: Discuss the meaning of “acceptable risks,” as it relates to critical infrastructures, and how acceptable risks differ among different government entities and stakeholders. Is it beneficial for agencies to have external stakeholders? If so, should stakeholders be involved in risk management policies? Why or why not? If not, why not? NOTE: 500 words APA 6th edition format 3 Reference and citation No Plagiarism


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