3 page essay researching the influence Frankenstein has had in popular culture and science. Instructions uploaded below. Must include at least three specific reasons, one for each body paragraph. An introduction paragraph with a strong thesis statement and a conclusion paragraph summing up the paper. Must have three quotes per paragraph. MLA format Must also fill out provided outline. All information is typed and uploaded below.

Prompt- If you were to do an Internet search of the word “Frankenstein”, you would get over 13 million results, most of which do not refer to Mary Shelley’s novel. Frankenstein, the monster, has been the star of numerous films, and the term “Frankenstein” indicates the potential result of any sort of controversial scientific experiment. Write a five-paragraph essay researching the influence Frankenstein has had in popular culture and science. Use at least three specific examples of the influence of Frankenstein—only one type of example per body paragraph (i.e. one paragraph about movies, one paragraph about cloning, etc.) Research your topic and provide an analysis of why the issues in the novel are still relevant today; this can be included within each body paragraph. The first paragraph should include an attention-getter and your thesis statement. The three body paragraphs should explore specific examples of Frankenstein in popular culture and/or science. The final paragraph should be an overall conclusion with a restatement of the thesis. PAPER MUST INCLUDE: ● At least 5 paragraphs (introduction, 3 body, and conclusion) ● 6 quotes from outside sources (research) ● Work cited page ● MLA format ● CheckMyWork link


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