Question #1
The intersection of law, social control and society is an interesting one…a particular lens that highlights the underlying tensions and varying beliefs in our vast society. As we deepen our understanding of this intersection, we begin to see the strong hold the past has on the present and the future, allowing the wisdom, as well as the shadows of the past to be influential – some would argue too influential.
In a well-crafted essay, explore the nature of this intersection and its influence on our modernity, especially the capacity to more fully realize justice, fairness and equality; that is, if these are truly important to our country. Be sure to address the varying impacts this intersection has on individual groups in our society. Also, draw upon recent events in the U.S., especially over the past year, as examples in your discussion.
Question #2
“The law and social control mechanism have been and continue to be used to protect and enrich those who have historically been in power, those currently in power, and especially Caucasians.”
Reply to the above statement. In particular address whether or not you feel this is correct, that our laws and various social control mechanisms have been used to keep a particular structure in place in our society; a structure that is built upon racism, discrimination, patriarchy and selective capitalism. In your response, be sure to draw upon events that have occurred over the last several years for support.


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