2-3 page paper on what you learned from the materials on. Using Erickson’s psychosocial crisis of middle childhood, discuss the importance of self and social competence in this stage of development. Given what you have learned, why might the experience of being bullied have detrimental or even long-term effects in this phase of development? What are some protective factors during this stage of development that can assist “tweens”. Children who bully others are often at-risk children themselves. How might we assist these vulnerable children during this critical time period?

1. Video-A Bully Apologizes to her Victim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paJD4r31rB0 2. Cyberbullying (Identification/Prevention/Response) 3. Bystander Intervention for Bullying Article 4.Friendships, peer groups, social competence and acquiring feelings of self-competence are all important developmental tasks of middle childhood. According to your textbook, identity development highly depends on social networks of privilege and exclusion during this “tween” (“in between” childhood and adolescence) stage.


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