160 – Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior

Paper about AMAZON organization with 5- 6 pages and follow the APA style and use line spacing 2, Times New Roman 12, and 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. Write your paper in a clear, concise, and professional style. Use the checklist in the Appendix at the end of this file for minimum writing rules (Matherly and Burney, 2009). AMAZON in Paper: will gather information from at least one person currently working in and make interviews. You must supplement this information with data from the media, white papers, publications, reports, or other secondary sources. You should identify a relatively recent problem to analyze (i.e., this should not be an historical account of a problem and the company’s solution). You should focus your analysis by applying the concepts from the book. Your goal is to diagnose the mechanisms that are causing the problem or issue of concern in the organization. Initially, you may notice many symptoms (for instance, high turnover, seemingly low morale, low motivation, etc.), but your task is to get to the underlying reasons for these symptoms. Issues in Paper to answer the following questions: 1. What are the issues or problems facing the organization? 2. What course concepts can be applied to understand why this problem is occurring? 3. What recommendations can you offer to help improve organizational functioning? Content and Structure of the Paper The introduction summarizes the entire paper and its main takeaways. The introduction of your paper should a) introduce the aim of the paper; b) present the organization and the problem that you discovered; c) anticipate the main solution you have identified. Next, in the introduction, explain how you got in contact with the organization and how you collected data about it (e.g. how many interviews, which secondary sources you used). Briefly summarize how the rest of the paper is organized and its contents. Presentation of the Organization. Write a section where you present the organization under study, providing details such as the industry, the size, the main product/services it offers, how it is structured Presentation of the Main Issues. Write a section where you describe the main problem/s that you have identified. For instance, you could talk about issues related to motivation, group dynamics, leadership, communication, job satisfaction, etc. Make explicit reference to the data you have collected from interviews and other sources. You can use quotes from what your informants told you, but do not use their names. For instance, you could write: When we interviewed an employee of the organization, whose role was project leader for the new sustainability initiatives, she told us: ‘It is very difficult to take care of sustainability programs, when the rest of the organization does not really care for it. It is frustrating to go and talk to people, when they are busy with other things, with their everyday tasks. The members of my team are extremely unhappy for the limited attention they receive and feel it is too difficult to do their job. They all want to leave the team.’ Analysis of the Main Issues: Use the theories and concepts of Organizational Behavior as theories X, Y, motivation, work group stage, etc, applied to the specific features of the company, to analyze the causes of the identified issues. For instance, in the example above, there is a problem of low individual and team satisfaction, that is caused by specific job conditions, that you should further detail and analyze. If you think it is more effective. Proposed Solutions: Write a section where you propose solutions to the identified issues. When you detail your solutions, please specify how your solutions address the points outlined in your analysis. Conclusion: Finally, in a conclusion (around 10 lines) wrap up your take-away points for your reader. Here, you may also present the significance of your case. Why is this valuable? Are there ideas that could be transferred to other contexts? Appendix: In the Appendix at the end of the paper include the notes or transcriptions of your interview/s.


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