10 -12 slides https://data.charlottenc.gov/ Take any one of the topic data set from the above link and prepare the slides for the below requirement

Datasets: There are a few datasets provided in the folder named “data” (it is on Canvas). Another option is datasets from Kaggle or City of Charlotte (https://data.charlottenc.gov/).If you have an interesting dataset that you want to use, feel free to do so. Pick one dataset that seems most interesting to you and conduct the following tasks: Create a scenario: Here is one example scenario for analyzing a movie dataset. Assume that you are a decision maker who is analyzing the dataset for a specific task. More specifically, you can assume that you are a CEO of a film company who wants to adjust the strategy of the company so that it can make more profits. Propose one or more tasks you want to conduct with the dataset. Read the paper titled “A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation Download A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation”. It explains the design process in detail. It will guide you through the design process. Please include at least one slide about your understanding of this process. Design a visual analytics system: design a visual analytics system to help you conduct the tasks you proposed in the scenario. Answer the following question in your design process: What are the data and tasks? Can the problem be done using machine learning/data analysis alone? (Can the problem be done without the help of interactive visualization. Loan application approval is an example of a problem that can be solved automatically by employing an algorithm that capture a set of rules or approval or disapproval.) What can/must be done using data analysis? What needs to be visualized and how to best visualize it? What interactions need to be provided? What’s an example of an analysis process with the visualization you designed? The resulting design will be a visualization dashboard (design mockup only, you don’t need to implement anything). The mockup can be put together using power points, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Presentation: Prepare a 10-12 minutes presentation to introduce your dataset, scenario, design process (e.g. your answers to the above questions), and the design. The presentations will be given on 3/14 in class. Upload your presentation slides to your own personal webpage (you can upload either pptx or pdf) or submit on Canvas. In the first page of your slides, write down the names of the team members. Grading: The instructor grades the design after your presentation according to the following criteria: Understanding of the “visualization design and validation” process (3 points) Novelty of your scenario (2 point) The novelty of your design (3 points) Quality of the presentation (2 points)


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