#1 There is no prescribed length for this project; it is more important to cover all aspects of the questions below, than to create a lengthy wordy document and not address the questions! Research Paper #1: “Nationalist Composers ” Due Tuesday March 22 by 8:00 AM Extreme Nationalism began in Europe 1840 -1925 and then composers, around the Western world, became heavily involved in aspects of patriotism and protectionism in support of their native countries. These composers used their music to make deliberate statements about political difficulties their countries were facing such as foreign interference and domination, to invoke national pride among citizens, to showcase unique ethnic characteristics they were proud of, and to celebrate their county in the concert-halls of world.

Choose TWO (2) Nationalist composers from the list below, from 2 different countries, and thoroughly address the items about each one using the following format: COMPOSER #1 ___________________________ Country___________________ 1) Provide complete biographical information about this composer (10 pts); 2) Provide a complete history of the “nationalist/political issues” facing their country during this composer’s life, and explain why


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