1.) Discussion Chapter 1 On page 15 of the textbook, there are 10 accomplishments of Essay

1.) Discussion Chapter 1 On page 15 of the textbook, there are 10 accomplishments of the system of the 1900s. Choose two of them to discuss. In your discussion, talk about the meaning of the accomplishment. For example, if you choose “education could be used for social regeneration,” talk about what that means and the impact it has/had on education at that time. Please elaborate to get maximum points. 2.) Discussion Chapter 2 33 unread replies.33 replies. Read the five educational philosophies (pages 27-30). Which philosophy represents your pedagogy/style/belief most directly? Explain how that philosophy reflects your belief. If you have parts of each philosophy, you can state them and then tell how they are reflected in you. Be careful to take time to elaborate with reference to the details of the philosophy and how it is reflective in your style. Use complete sentences. 3.) Discussion Chapter 3 No unread replies.No replies. Respond to the following scenario: You are a principal and you would like for all of the seniors to have mandatory service learning/community service hours before graduating from your school. You have been asked to meet with the school board to defend your request. What will you tell the board to persuade them to support you in the endeavor to incorporate service learning/community services hours as requirement for graduation. Remember, you must give valid, strong points about service learning. You MUST include learning styles (page 75) mentoring, service learning and assessment in your argument. Be sure to refer content in the text when making your argument. If your points are not clear and convincing, you lose points because I’m going to ask so many question. 4.) Assignment #2 is on the five educational philosophies in Chapter 2, pages 27-31. Download the assignment guide and start working on the assignment. It is worth 500 points. You must upload by October 2. I will not reopen under NO circumstances. You must include the survey, survey results, essay, and answer to the questions in ONE Document. Before you submit, ensure that you have included ALL parts of the assignment in one document (cut and paste). I will NOT take any excuses; it is not fair to students who are just as busy as the next.


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